Train to Nowhere

Welcome, fellow miners!

A couple of days ago, I finally started playing with minecarts – I know, I know, Dina, you’ve been playing for MONTHS! But I’ve been having so much fun farming and building that mining hasn’t been much of a priority except for basic resource gathering. But we just set up a private family server, and our temporary farm is across a little lake in front of our front door. After numerous trips back and forth on foot, I finally decided to try setting up a track. Easy peasy, there was already a little land bridge set up, so I just had to plop down some track and add a minecart. No problem! But after a couple of days of holding W to get back and forth, I decided to convert it to a powered track.

Uh-oh! This wasn’t so easy. At least, not when you have no idea of how redstone works. So off I go to research redstone and powered rails. After reading several tutorials, viewing a number of YouTube videos, and some failed first attempts, I finally had a setup that works. Press a button and, clickity-clack, off you go to the other side.

The next evening, my partner-in-crime Exenus and I were playing, and he goes outside and says, “… there’s a zombie riding your rail cart.”

I go outside, and sure enough…

Zombie riding minecart

“Look, Ma! No hands!”


…LOL! There he goes – back and forth, back and forth! He enjoyed his ride for about twenty minutes before he finally disappeared.

As you can see by the bridge in the air in the picture, I’m now hooked on rail systems. That one is a work in progress for a two-way track to get from our home base to our beach house (also under construction). And we’ve just discovered an abandoned mineshaft a ways south of our base, so we’ll be planning a more complicated system for transporting players and freight – time to do more research!

Have a fabulous day! (Ten minutes at a time.)
~ Fodina ~


Quotes to share:

  • there is a zombie riding your rail cart